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Чего достигли мои студенты?


While I was myself stunned by the performance I outlined here, there are two points to keep in mind:

  1. I acknowledge that cherry picking is a common flaw for many educators to present their results. ‘Cherry picking’ is a phenomenon when only the impressive results are reported, simultaneously disregarding a much more modest achievements of the vast majority of students. However, I find it acceptable to present my results here because they are motivational, most of all, for the current and future learners because they raise the bar for higher achievement.
  2. I acknowledge that a potential reader may confuse the results of adequately prepared high-fliers with my ‘magical’ work whereby by applying some ‘secret’ students were able to learn the language ‘in one week’. I appeal to your common sense: please do not confuse the selection criteria for my advanced classes with some miracle. Everything that was achieved took time, in the same way as Rome was not built in one day. More than that, in my teaching I refer to the same Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which grades the skills of the learner according to the six levels. I don’t believe B1-level learner can acquire C1 skipping B2 level because it’s against simple 2+2 logic.


  • According to their parents, “were exposed to a profoundly creative class where they could acquire language through enjoyable and unforgettable play; importantly, through joy they developed a strong liking of communication in English, making them speak this language with the same fluency as their mother tongue” (from a conversation of Olga Pavlovich with other students’ parents)

High-school graduates and college entrants:

  • improved their receptive skills (Listening and Reading), as a result bringing their exam scores up;
  • improved their wordhoard, thus producing better language in Speaking and Writing responses;
  • gained mastery in writing academic essays, paving the way for college success;
  • upped their SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS scores, significantly brightening their admission chances;
  • passed their TOEFL iBT with the results 70-92 (out of 120);
  • entered IB, Bachelor’s, and equivalent study programs in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Chehia, Georgia, India, China and other countries;
  • put into alignment the inconsistencies of their language skills, in effect gaining full speaking confidence;
  • pulled up their overall language level from B1-C1 to higher standards, making it easy for them to integrate into the international student community;
  • being originated from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds, found a great way to connect to the world world through the English classroom.

Bachelor’s and Master’s:

  • improved their aptitude test scores by 30-40 per cent;
  • passed their TOEFL iBT with the results 90-112 (out of 120);
  • passed their IELTS Academic module at Band 7+ and entered Master’s programs in G7 countries and beyond;
  • upgraded their SAT scores (500-700) and entered American colleges, including those in TOP 50;
  • mastered their persuasive writing, producing impressive Motivational letters, Personal Statements, Cover letters etc. to secure college / University admission;
  • prepared for and gave successful college interviews.

Adult learners, entry-level specialists:

  • upped their game in job interview preparation, including panels and GD;
  • acquired the skills of argumentation and presentation in English using specialized vocabulary; this helped them confidently give numerous rounds of interviews and be selected in major multinational companies of their desire with a substantial package;
  • received relocation offers and moved the countries of their dreams (TCS, Impetus Infotech);
  • were swiftly promoted thanks to their sound peer and client reviews; to achieve it, they mastered their written and spoken communication, including that with their clients overseas.

Adult learners, Senior-level specialists and Management:

  • improved their IELTS (General module) band up to 8,5  securing a better SOL (Skilled ocupation list) deal for immigration to Australia;
  • noticeably improved their spoken performance by attending my courses of Accent Reduction;
  • reportedly improved their presentation skills as a result of attending a corresponding class;
  • levelled up their Business Enlgish vocabulary in group and public presentations.

What have I achieved?

With hindsight, I see my teaching experience as fruitful because I was able to:

  • conduct over 9’000 academic hours of training sessions, lessons, and study-related activities;
  • deliver over 50 presentations to large audiences, with up to 450 listeners in an auditorium;
  • lead the design of 15 short-term study programs;
  • adapt specialized study programs for corporate sector, schools and B-schools;
  • take part in two teachers’ training programs, with over 50 participants;
  • receive praise for energizing dull classes using communicative approach.

Additionally, I have

  • completed an internship as a faculty of Alesco Business School in Indore, teaching Project Management
  • consulted an international educational project of AIESEC Indore and Bhawan Prominent School
  • received invaluable experience of adapting methodical literature into real-life courses.
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